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8mm Red And White Short Safety Chain On Spindle
Two Colour Chains have alternate colours approximately 2 x 2 links and 5 x 5 links
Plastic Stanchion Sign Holder
Plastic Stanchion Sign Holder.
Size of a hard board within 5-12mm thickness
For indicators, or information post.
Stanchion Accessories -Diamond Shaped Top
Stanchion Accessories -Diamond Shaped Top 《Description》 New collection of PINKBRAND's post/pillar heads. The head is in diamond crown shape with vase design; in addition, easy to hold and carry. Label/print your exclusive/personal/customized brand/logo sticker on the flat top for advertising. Suitable for exhibitions, markets, fairs, shows, opening ceremonies as crowd flow control and fencing, etc. Can be adapted for different occasions. 《Features》 Easy to hold and carry Washable, no corrosion Assembly steps are simple and fast Matches Hexagonal Ring, Quick Access ring, can be shared with POST-A. B. W series. 《Optional accessories》 【Hexagonal Ring】Colour:(Black / Yellow / White) 【Quick Access Ring】Colour:(Black / Yellow / White) 《Product specifications》 Material: HDPE, High Density Polyethylene Colour:(Black / Yellow / White) Application: exhibitions, markets, fairs, shows, opening ceremonies as crowd flow control and fencing, etc.

About Us

Our company, PINKBRAND COMPANY LTD, was found in 1979. We are one of the Worlds leading company producing plastic materials.

We have been producing the best quality of plastic products for over 30 years. The plastic materials as plastic safety stanchions, crowd control posts, plastic chain and other accessories are our main products.

Our quality is reflected by our ISO 9001 certification. We have had several patents for our products.

Years of experience, excellent technology and the best quality made our product popular by many customers in many countries around the World.

We offer you the products of the highest quality, most durable and UV protected plastic materials.
Using environment friendly materials, there is no toxic paint or dyes problem.

If you have any question about our products, technology or you want to buy any of our products do not be worried to contact us. We are pleasure to hear from you and to help you.


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